Kathryn Wells
KATHRYN WELLS  B.A. LL.B.  Barrister and Solicitor email

Kathryn Wells was born and raised in London, Ontario. Upon completing High School, she attended the University of Western Ontario where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences.

She went on to receive her law degree (L.L.B.) from the University of Western Ontario in 2001. Throughout her tenure as a law student, Kathryn became involved in Community Legal Services, a non-profit clinic staffed by law students, dedicated to representing members of the community facing criminal charges and unable to afford representation. Her work involved defending clients of the clinic in criminal court.

After graduating with distinction, Kathryn went on to article with the prestigious firm of Goodmans LLP, in Toronto, where she had the opportunity to learn from some of the best civil litigators in Canada. In 2003, after being called to the Bar and becoming an associate with Goodmans LLP, Ms. Wells decided to pursue her true passion – criminal law.

Since that time, Kathryn has been dedicated to defending people from all walks of life on a wide range of criminal and quasi-criminal charges. Over the course of her career Ms. Wells has conducted a number of serious and high profile trials. She has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, including the Ontario Court of Appeal. She has acted as defence counsel in several murder cases. For example, she acted as co-counsel in the highly publicized murder trial of 6 bikers charged in connection with the deaths of eight members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, the largest mass murder in Ontario history. That trial took over eleven months to complete.

Kathryn devotes a significant amount of her time to the representation of Young Persons charged with criminal offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. A large portion of Ms. Wells’ practise also deals with challenging the scope of police powers and arguing for the exclusion of evidence due to inappropriate police conduct.

Kathryn regularly attends continuing legal education programs focusing on various topics of criminal law. She has lectured to other lawyers at a number of criminal law conferences on topics such as self-defence and search warrants.

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  • Criminal Lawyers' Association
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Significant Judgments

R v E.T. (2006)

This was a case where Ms. Wells' client, a young person, was charged with Manslaughter in relation to the shooting of two victims, one of whom died as a result. Ms. Wells brought an application to have the young person released on bail. Although the Crown lead evidence that the accused was already on a release for another criminal offence, that he had allegedly assisted in the planning of the ambush, and had assisted in the disposal of shell casings, the Court was persuaded to release him on bail.   Read case (PDF)

R v P (2005)

This was a first degree murder case where Ms. Wells' client was accused of drowning her autistic baby in a bathtub. Despite evidence that the drowning was not accidental, and that Ms. Wells’ client suffered from bipolar affective disorder, she was able to persuade the Court to release her client on bail pending her trial.   Read case (PDF)

R v F (2010)

This was an appeal in which Ms. Wells argued that the original trial judge made an error by refusing to grant Mr. F’s application to have his case thrown out as it had taken too long to get to trial. Ms. Wells was successful in persuading the Summary Conviction Appeal judge to overturn the decision of the trial judge and stay the proceedings.   Read case (PDF)

R v M.A. (2007)

This was a case where the Crown alleged that Ms. Wells' client had confessed to the crime of Robbery at the time of his arrest. Ms. Wells was successful in persuading the presiding judge that confession had been obtained without compliance with the Youth Justice Criminal Act. As a result, the Court refused to admit the confession into evidence.   Read case (PDF)

JERRY (CHOK LAI) LEUNG (梁作禮)  Hon. B.A., J.D.  Barrister and Solicitor email

Born in Hong Kong and raised Toronto, Jerry is fluent in English and Cantonese. While completing his double major in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Toronto (Hon BA), he worked part time as a Martial Arts instructor and co-founded UT-FOCUS, a student organization dedicated to social and charitable activities.

After his undergraduate studies, Jerry pursued his passion in law and entered law school at the University of Windsor (JD). While at Windsor Law, he volunteered at the Community Legal Aid, a non-profit legal clinic, and worked part-time as the assistant to the Chair of the Research Ethics Board. He also partook in summer studies at the University of Hong Kong for international law.

Jerry articled, and later became an associate under the wings of the late Ed Hung. Mr. Hung was a high profile lawyer and the first Chinese prosecutor in Ontario. Jerry gratefully attributes much of his knowledge and style to Mr. Hung’s guidance. In addition to criminal law, Jerry practiced family, civil, and immigration law and has had many successes at all stages of a case; from negotiations to motions and from trials to enforcement proceedings.

Jerry got to know Kathryn Wells when he co-counseled with her in the highly publicized 1st degree murder-dismemberment trial in 2014 that stemmed from investigations in both Toronto and Peel Region. Jerry has since become an associate at Wells Criminal Law and enjoyed the scope of cases they have worked on. While at Wells Criminal Law, Jerry has given multiple interviews on television and radio on topics such as physician-assisted suicide, fraud, and murder.

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  • Criminal Lawyers' Association
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Jerry Leung