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The Law Society Of Upper Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada is the governing body of all lawyers in the Province of Ontario (formerly Upper Canada). The Law Society is responsible for governing the profession and where necessary, instituting disciplinary proceedings against lawyers.

Criminal Lawyers Association

The Criminal Lawyers Association is an organization of criminal lawyers practicing in the Province of Ontario. The site contains many useful sections to assist the public in finding lawyers, changes in the court system, and topics of interest to the defence bar.

The Attorney General’s Office

The Attorney General’s office for the Province of Ontario is the government office responsible for prosecuting all Criminal Code offences. The site provides useful information for anyone wishing to know more about activities and policies of this office.

Department of Justice Canada

The Department of Justice is part of the federal government, and is responsible for prosecuting many non criminal code offences, such as offenses under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (formerly the Narcotic Control Act) as well as other federal statutes such as the Income Tax Act.

Canadian Bar Association

The Canadian Bar Association is a voluntary organization for lawyers from all specialties who practice law anywhere in Canada. Provides good general information.

Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario is a Provincially funded organization which funds legal services for those who are unable to afford a lawyer. The site provides useful information on how to apply for legal aid, and the types of cases they fund. Not all lawyers accept legal aid. Some lawyers accept legal aid in some cases, but not others. At Scarfe Wells, we accept legal aid on a case by case basis.

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